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Cauti diete de slabit, cure de slabire sanatoase sau pur si simplu iti spui "vreau sa slabesc". VREI DOAR PROGRAM DE ANTRENAMENT FARA DIETA.Personal training blog of Rolandas'PT4U - natural bodybuilder and London personal trainer. Practical tips and thoughts to help your training and dieting.Cumpara pachetul de start Nutrific Fit si incepe sa slabesti de astazi! Pachetul de start conține 3 suplimente alimentare esențiale care te vor ajuta să adopți .Today is a sponsored post brought to you by Vembu who asked me to review their recently released BDR Suite.Props, Carpentry, and Scenic Painting Portfolio of Liz Hastings.If you're going to do something that's been done before, you'd better do it well. And if the thing you're going to do is artistically suspect and quite possibly mercenary, then you'd better.6 week challenge: Programul prin care poti slabi in mod sanatos 6 kilograme in doar la 12 saptamani de program (o fractiune din pretul unui antrenor personal). ca tu sa continui procesul de slabire sau sa iti perfectionezi silueta castigata.We are delighted to welcome our newest personal trainer Leanne Salisbury to the PTW Team along with her loyal clients who will be joining her at the studio 🙂 Leanne has always loved the human body and been fascinated by how it works.Personal disclosure? It’s all about cheese … Do you remember “Who Moved My Cheese?”? It’s a great little book that came out a few years ago, a parable of change and how we respond to it. It tells the story of two ‘Little People’ in a maze who wake up one morning to find their […].