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Ozyorsk or Ozersk (Russian: Озёрск) is a closed town in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia. Population: 82,268 (2010 Census preliminary results); 91,760 (2002 .Chelyabinsk-Bala Airport (distanced approximately 62 km) – airport hotels · Beloreck Airport (distanced approximately 210 km) – airport hotels · Yekaterinburg .Magnitogorsk is a city in Russia. The "Magnetite mountain" that lends the place its name was once its chief feature, a mountain almost entirely composed of iron .Checkpoint to the closed city of Snezhinsk · Slag spoil tip · Checkpoint to the closed city of Snezhinsk · Chelyabinsk-70 / Snezhinsk - Russian Federal Nuclear .View Chelyabinsk city map. ✅ street, ✅ road and ✅ directions map as well as ✅ satellite tourist.

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